CBA Legal Conference: <br/><i>Building a Better Lawyer</i>

CBA Legal Conference:
Building a Better Lawyer

Are you ready to build a better you?

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Nathan PO

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Nathan Po

Edmonton, member since 2003

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Savvy Lawyer

Savvy Lawyer

Always be savvy

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Law Matters Spring 2016

Law Matters Spring 2016

'Plans are nothing; Planning is everything'

The practice of law is rapidly changing, and lawyers must change with it. Prepare yourself and your practice with the latest issue of Law Matters, featuring legal market analyst and consultant Jordan Furlong, and a profile of Axiom Law (formerly Cognition LLP).

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CBA Alberta Sections

CBA Alberta Sections

The power of expertise.

Join your fellow CBA Alberta members by participating in Sections by lending your expertise and network with like-minded professionals.

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Agenda for Justice

Agenda for Justice

Strength in numbers.

Addressing the most pressing challenges facing the justice system in Alberta, including Legal Aid, Reforming the Family Justice System Initiative, Drug Treatment Courts and judicial compensation.

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