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Law Matters

Law Matters | Spring 2017

  • May 30, 2017

In this edition, we look at the issue of unconscious gender bias in the legal profession and examine what actions our colleagues in the profession and other professions are doing to combat it.

Law Matters

Law Matters | Winter 2016-17

  • February 27, 2017

As technology changes, the legal profession rushes to keep up. Our Winter 2016-17 issue tackles topics including cloud storage and computer dispute resolution, and looks at the technological innovations coming from one of the world's largest law firms.

Law Matters

Law Matters | Fall 2016

  • November 10, 2016

"Diversity" is a popular buzzword in the legal profession today, and it is easy for some to write to off as a passing trend. This issue of Law Matters examines why diversity in the profession is important to the success of practitioners and the profession as a whole, and features some very personal testimonials from those who are most affected by the lack of diversity that currently exists.