Holiday Gift Policy for Court of Queen's Bench and Provincial Court Clerks' Offices

  • December 02, 2020

Alberta Justice and Solicitor General has released a Holiday Gift Policy for the Court of Queen's Bench and the Provincial Court Clerks' Offices. The giudelines read, in part:


Clerks’ office staff will not accept gifts of money, other financial instruments like gift cards or pre-paid credit cards, alcohol, or any gift that violates codes of conduct for the public service.

While in the past small gifts of chocolate or candies, or other food items have been graciously offered and accepted, if you find it necessary to offer such a gift this year, please make sure the gesture is in line with COVID protocols. Food items that are not individually wrapped, or which require serving potentially create risks given the pandemic. Perhaps this year the best thing that can be offered is your continued support and thanks for the hard work that our clerks put in each day.

For more information, refer to the letter from Alberta Justice.

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