Courtroom Advocacy: A View From the Bench

Law school is out, and for some of us is a distant memory.  Do you crave the days of marks and feedback? Ever wonder what grade you might earn in the courtroom or where you might need a refresher? The CBA-Alberta hopes to fill that need with the help of Court of Queen’s Bench Justices M.R. Bast, M.D. Gates, D.R. Mah and B.L. Bokenfohr (moderator).
Join them for a 90-minute Q & A-style discussion on their observations from the bench, complete with advocacy examples and suggestions for improvement.  
 Topics covered will include the following:
  • Advocacy basics 
  • Civility
  • Self represented litigants
  • Affidavits - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Documentary evidence - the good, the bad and the ugly II 
  • Effective Courtroom Presentation
  • Costs
  • Dealing with difficult judges