Effective Advocacy Through Opening the Closed Mind

Panelists: Glen HIckerson (Wilson Laycraft), author of The Science of Opening the Closed Mind, Patrick Fitzpatrick (Burstall Winger Zammit), Tim Foster (Foster Iovinelli Beyak)

Advocating means holding up your client’s situation to scrutiny by strangers.  Those strangers, typically opponents and decision-makers, have never walked in your client’s reality. Like the rest of us, their capacity for seeing things from another’s perspective is imperfect. Their minds may be closed.  

The art of opening a mind or encouraging a listener to reconsider an initial point of view draws on cognitive science. That science allows for insight into why the mind of an opponent or decision-maker may be closed to new ideas, and provides tools to open those minds and help you become a more effective and persuasive advocate.