Legal Media Relations

Presented by Cynthia Carels (Miller Thomson LLP) - Now Complimentary to CBA Members

This professionally-produced video series is for the practitioner who wants to participate in media relations, but does not know where to start.

The series was launched with a live event, which featured a panel of media relations pros, followed by a screening of the first of three videos in the series.  All three videos are available to purchase individually or as a package.  

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(Part I, Part II & Part III PLUS recording of launch event)

Part I: 'The Problem', or 'Why "no comment" is the wrong answer

In Part I, we explore the tension that can exist between lawyers and the media.  Learn all of the reasons why your engagement with the press, as counsel, can help with public access to justice, the general reputation of lawyers and your own personal brand.

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Part II: 'The Pros', or 'Overcome the scrum'

In Part II, you will hear from a collection of media pros, including Grant Ainsley, author of The Honest Spin Doctor, on how to prepare for media engagement.  Get valuable tips on stick-handling from those who play in this field regularly, including practicing lawyers, academics and media strategists.

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Part III: 'The Practice', or 'Put your new media savviness into practice'

This last segment gives real-life examples from lawyers who make their media prowess work for them.  Learn how putting yourself out there through cooperation with the press and through social media, blogging or tweeting can create a winning situation for you and your practice.

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