Food & Agribusiness (South)

Section Meetings: CBA Office, 12:00PM, Fourth Wednesday (8 meetings)
Meetings are available by live webcast.
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The Food and Agribusiness Section seeks to explore topics of interest to producers and companies involved in inputs, storage, handling, trading, transportation and logistics, processing and distribution and retail within the food and agribusiness sector. As well as providing information about legislative and regulatory changes impacting this sector, this Section will act as a forum for discussion about the risks and legal challenges arising in relation to some of the new developments and trends in this industry.

Topic areas that may be covered include:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles/drones and use and protection of “Big Data”
  • Legal issues arising in logistics, distribution and storage in the agribusiness sector
  • Corporate social responsibility issues and agribusiness
  • Next generation agriculture: legal implications (GMOs, genome editing, biotechnology)
  • Legal implications for landowners of the use of wind and water for electrical generation
  • Local and global financing alternatives in agriculture (eg. barter system)

As well, we will offer timely sessions on the following when the regulatory framework is announced for the:

  • The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act (Alberta); and
  • Safe Food for Canadians Act

Join this Section and connect with other colleagues working in the areas of food and agribusiness.

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