Internationally Trained Lawyers (South)

The Internationally Trained Lawyers (“ITL”) Section aims to help connect legal practitioners from various backgrounds and to help facilitate integration into the Canadian legal market. This section is primarily comprised of foreign trained lawyers (practicing and non-practicing) and foreign trained law students (those who are completing their studies or undertaking NCA qualifications). The ITL section aims to provide insight into the qualification process, the requirements, the challenges and the opportunities of working in the Canadian legal market place and to assist in providing networking and mentorship opportunities. The ITL section hopes to also be able to connect those who have successfully navigated the path into the Canadian legal market with those who are still finding their way along the path and need encouragement and support.  

Join this Section to network and connect with CBA colleagues, including those trained outside of Canada. 

Section Meetings: CBA Office, 12:00PM, Five Meetings

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