Section Enrollment

Enroll in Sections and participate in nearly 500 professional development events each year.

Section enrollment for the 2022-23 programming year opens on Thursday, August 18. If you have questions about enrollment, please contact your local Section Registrar.

New For 2022-23

With the return of in-person meetings, we will have three subscription levels starting September 1, 2022: full subscription, webcast subscription, and on-demand subscription. Section subscribers will also have boundaryless access to the corresponding north or south Section (where available).

  Full Subscription Webcast Subscription On-Demand Subscription
In-person attendance with meals

$ $
Live webcast attendance

Access to on-demand recordings and materials

Boundaryless access to north and south Sections

- Included with Subscription $ - Available for an additional fee

Note: Section registration is a benefit available to Canadian Bar Association members only. Section subscriptions must be registered and paid for separately from the National CBA membership. Section subscriptions are individual and are non-transferrable. The Section term is September 1 to June 30. If you cease to become a CBA member, your Section subscription(s) will be terminated. No refunds or cancellations will be issued on any Section subscription.

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