Section Enrollment

Section enrollment for the 2021-22 programming year has now closed. If you would still like to enroll for the current Section year (ending June 30, 2022), please contact your local Section Registrar.

Sandra Meyer
South Section Registrar

Heather Walsh
North Section Registrar

New For 2021-22

Beginning in September 2021, we are pleased to introduce "boundaryless" access to Alberta Sections. This means that members who register in a Section will also have access to programming for the complementary north/south Section (where one exists). We are also introducing three new subscription levels for our Sections:

  • Webcast Subscription: Attend the meetings of your chosen Sections by live webcast from the comfort of your home or office. WIth our new "boundaryless" access, you can attend the meetings of the corresponding north or south Section by live webcast for no additional charge. Webcast subscribers will also have on-demand access to all north and south Section materials online, including recorded videos, handouts, case reviews and more.
  • On-Demand Subscription: Catch up on the content from your Sections when it is convenient for you! On-demand subscribers receive access to all north and south Section materials online, including recorded videos, handouts, case reviews and more. If you wish to attend a meeting by live webcast or in person (when in-person meetings resume), you will be charged an upgrade fee.
  • Full Subscription: Not available in 2021-22. Don't worry about packing your lunch, we have you covered! Join your fellow CBA Alberta members in person for your lunchtime professional development. Full subscribers have access to in-person attendance for both the north and south segments of your chosen Sections. You also have the flexibility to choose to attend by live webcast, whether the meeting is outside your community or you are just having a busy day and can't step away from the office. Full subscribers also have on-demand access to all north and south Section materials, such as recorded videos, handouts and case comments.

*Please note that as we are not resuming in-person meetings immediately in September, full subscriptions will not be available for the 2021-22 Section year. All members who purchase webcast subscriptions will receive complimentary access to regular in-person meetings for their given Sections when they resume (not including social or other special events.)

Portfolio & Portfolio Plus Packages

Remember to purchase your Portfolio and Portfolio Plus packages BEFORE you register for Sections! You may then use your complimentary on-demand subscriptions and education credits toward your Section enrollment, as these cannot be applied retroactively. For more information on packages and to see which one is best for you, click here.

Note: Section registration is a benefit available to Canadian Bar Association members only. Section subscriptions must be registered and paid for separately from the National CBA membership. Section subscriptions are individual and are non-transferrable. The Section term is September 1 to June 30. If you cease to become a CBA member, your Section subscription(s) will be terminated. No refunds or cancellations will be issued on any Section subscription.

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