Strategic Plan

The 2022 - 2026 CBA Alberta Strategic plan was developed by the Board of Directors while considering what is needed to help CBA members and our profession successfully move into the future.

Powerful Advocacy

  • Influential, responsive and relevant
  • Principle-based
  • Grounded in core values
  • An objective approach
  • Clear, effective process to ensure measurable outcomes

Adaptive & Innovative Practice

  • Top-notch PD resources and events
  • Delivered across multiple channels
  • Leading digital infrastructure
  • Innovative member practices, adapted to changed client needs

Healthy Culture Within the Profession

  • Driven by deep professional roots, our culture:
    • Is refocused on civility and respect
    • Embraces diversity
    • Levels the playing field

Committed Membership

  • CBA members deeply value their membership
  • CBA members are exemplary leaders
  • CBA members are connected, engaged and informed
  • CBA members are adapting to change

High Performance Board Leadership

  • The Board:
    • Embraces a responsive governance model
    • Evolves to meet member needs

Wellness in Practice

  • Our members improve their well-being

Strategic Directions

Influential CBA

Building Effective Advocacy

  • Establish a framework and process for advocacy
  • Develop tools for Section advocacy engagement
  • Improve when and how we communicate advocacy work

Leveraging Relationships

  • Pay attention to the competitive landscape
  • Deepen our relationships with stakeholders
  • Engage non-lawyer professionals and third parties as necessary

Committed Membership

Building on Strengths in CPD

  • Build on what we are already good at
  • Deliver CPD in more ways
  • Deliver CPD over more channels
  • Use leading digital infrastructure

Harnessing the Strengths of Volunteerism

  • Promote and recognize volunteerism
  • Learn member needs
  • Understand member capacity
  • Engage Sections and clarify their roles

Healthy Culture

Refocusing Professional Culture

  • Model and promote collegiality and civility as the cornerstone of our professional community
  • Amplify the value of apprenticeship and
    mentorship for new lawyers

Embracing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Create a diverse, inclusive professional community
  • Improve equity by identifying ways to level the playing field

Championing Well-Being

  • Promote well-being to members
  • Advocate for well-being initiatives

Download the 2022-26 Strategic Plan