Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA)


The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) is the national voice and forum for in-house counsel in Canada. CCCA members are in-house lawyers who practice in corporations, business enterprises, associations, institutions, and many other organizations. The CCCA also welcomes eligible associate members not employed as in-house counsel. If you’re employed as in-house counsel, your CBA membership entitles you to a CCCA regular membership (with access to both national and branch CCCA Section activities) at no extra cost. In addition, CBA Alberta members who are employed as in-house counsel also receive complimentary auto-enrollment as on-demand subscribers to the CCCA Section in both Edmonton (north) or Calgary (south).


No other organization helps in-house counsel across Canada develop their professional skills and careers as well as the CCCA. Members get practical day-to-day value from the CCCA including:

  • Access to Canada’s most comprehensive selection of continuing professional development programs for in-house counsel.
  • As a member of the CBA Alberta, complimentary on-demand enrollment in either the north or south CCCA Section.
  • Cross-country coverage of emerging legal and regulatory issues that are uniquely Canadian
  • Participation in the CCCA Mentoring Program, offering three streams for in-house counsel, government lawyers and racialized lawyers.
  • Exclusive access to surveys on compensation for corporate counsel, including the opinions and practices of other in-house lawyers
  • Access to the world’s first and only certification program for in-house counsel, the Business Leadership Program for In-House Counsel, developed jointly by the CCCA and the Rotman School of Management



There two categories of membership in the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association:

Regular members – In-house counsel who are regular members of the CBA, employed by, or providing legal services to, any business enterprise, association, institution, not-for-profit organization, crown corporation, municipal corporation, government, regulatory body or agency. Only regular members may vote at member meetings and elect the Executive Committee.

CBA members who qualify for Regular CCCA membership will be automatically enrolled when joining or renewing their membership.

Associate members – Lawyers who are regular, associate or affiliate members of the CBA, but not lawyers in law firms. Through their expertise and support, associate members play a welcome and necessary role in the CCCA.

CBA Alberta members interested in joining the CCCA as an assocaite member can do so by enrolling in one of the Alberta CCCA Sections.