Statement by CBA Alberta President Bianca Kratt on the proclamation of changes to the Trustees Act

  • March 30, 2022

On March 29, 2022, the Government of Alberta introduced Bill 21, the Trustee Act. This bill will replace the existing legislation and address some of the evolving issues related to trusts, clarify the role of trustees and make improvements to the administration of trusts.
A summary of the bill's provisions can be found here.
CBA's advocacy on this matter was the multi-year effort of a truly formidable team and based on feedback from CBA members who practice in the area of wills and estates. We sincerely thank the chairs of the North and South Wills & Trusts Sections who collaborated with both ALRI and STEP to demonstrate the need for and benefit of changes to the Trustee Act. A special thank you to CBA member Philip Renaud, Q.C., who pursued this matter on behalf of Albertans, even into his retirement.
In a formal statement, CBA Alberta President Bianca Kratt said: "We know the recommended changes to the Trustee Act will be welcomed and supported by both Albertans needing a trustee for their estate and those called to serve as trustee. We thank the Alberta Reform Institute for their work on updating these laws, and appreciate that the government is moving these changes forward."