Land Acknowledgement Resource Guide

  • November 16, 2022

The Land Acknowledgement Resource Guide was the product of the September 29, 2022 Land Acknowledgement Workshop. If you were unable to attend, we strongly encourage you to consider viewing the on-demand recording.

The purpose of this Resource Guide is to provide direction on creating and sharing a land acknowledgement that helps honor the Indigenous communities on whose land we live, learn, work and play. As you work through this Guide, use it in creating a meaningful and respectful land acknowledgement that can be used for meetings, conferences, public events or in other ways - as you see best. As part of this process, it is important to recognize that we are all on different learning journeys. Also, be mindful that what your land acknowledgment is today might differ from what it has been in the past, or what it is in the future. As we learn, unlearn and relearn, please know that your end point today may be a starting point for you in the future.

The information shared in this Guide will also help you gain a better understanding of Indigenous world views such as the principle of connectivity - that everything in the universe is connected. The spirit world is connected to the mortal world, the sea is connected to the land and the sky is connected to the ground. Connectivity helps us understand the relationship people have to their communities, their traditional territories and the ecosystem on those lands. These types of learnings can help inform how to craft, share and experience the value of land acknowledgements.

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